A Synergistic Collaboration for Indonesia Future Technology

Metaverse, the future of blockchain and technology, is still in the development stage, but knowledge about it is still lacking. Yet the emergence really proves that these technologies and innovations can be implemented in almost every aspect and can help an economy arise. It is carrying lots of potentials that will be crucial for the growth of the country. In particular, in Indonesia, access to blockchain and metaverse is not yet sufficient, so it is unfamiliar. As a pioneer in Indonesia’s blockchain-based Metaverse platform, CINDRUM understands the difficulties and wants to spread and pass on knowledge to the future generation of Indonesia’s youth.

In response, CINDRUM continues to build a strong foundation by collaborating with new educational institutions following its recent collaboration with Telkom University, CINDRUM will now partner with Petra Christian University through its training program “CINDRUM Goes to Campus”. This new collaboration demonstrates that CINDRUM will continue to work with a variety of educational institutions to educate students as a generation of change through a thorough understanding and implementation of blockchain and metaverse technologies.

Petra Christian University is ranked as the best private university in East Java and second in Indonesia. As an international standard university, Petra is committed to providing quality education to its students while maintaining integrity and reliability. In its educational process, Petra supports students to reach their full potential, respond to the vocation and meaning of life, acquire the diverse skills and characters required at the time, and continue to develop throughout life.

The collaboration with Petra Christian University will be very foundational for CINDRUM’s blockchain and metaverse technology development in Indonesia. CINDRUM hopes that the next generation can’t only be a bridge to understand technological advances, but also be able to implement its use for the benefit of the nation. This partnership will be an open window into education horizons. As students, the younger generation has the potential to be the pillars of future technology.


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