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We are delighted with all the participants who gave us interesting and thoughtful questions on CINDRUM and IM Community ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session on Tuesday, February 8th and for those who missed the session, here is the recap for you:

Host: Can you introduce yourself to our Im Community?

Valent Budiono: Sure, happy to oblige! I’m Valent, as you might know, maybe not everyone. I’m CEO of CINDRUM. Right here. I’m here for the AMA session, as the title said: Ask Me Anything!

CINDRUM is budding project at the moment, so we’re hoping for many potentials ahead. Some of you might already know what is CINDRUM, some might not.

We’re a Game Developer with a concept of Sandbox Open-World Metaverse, based & developed in Indonesia.

CINDRUM was established in May 2021. As we saw the expansion of the online market and virtual meeting is inevitable especially with the outbreak of Covid 19 in 2020.

The ‘Metaverse’ concept were introduced to be highly potential and the rise of Blockchain tech adding more exciting experiences to ease users’ experience in many segments, and we want to implemented it in just one platform.


Question1. Could you please give us a simple introduction of CINDRUM? What’s the motivation for starting build CINDRUM?

Answer: Um. Well as I stated earlier in the Introduction. It’s all started during pandemic days as we’re basically cut off from our mundane daily life. We are unable to continue our daily life due to COVID, and we saw massive increase in e-commerce & online transaction.

We were thinking of how to implement all these potential in one platform, thus CINDRUM was borne from that train of thoughts. In short, we would like to re-connect from what is disconnected due to COVID-19 days. And that’s is Metaverse.

As Privacy and Security become biggest concern of everyone nowadays. Blockchain has become a solution with its security & transparency, not to mention the real-time feature. So, we hope to able to combine all those in CINDRUM as one platform.

Question2. What are the products that the CINDRUM team focuses on developing?

Answer: Yes! So basically, it’s not just a mere product we’re talking about. We’re hoping to create a future that where you as user are able to enjoy an immersive virtual world, a Metaverse in that sense. With Blockchain as a base, known for its security & encryption. You can play to your heartfelt without worrying for security, data-lagging, or a privacy breach. With the creative freedom, we would like to present CINDRUM as a platform where you can do pretty much anything, everything, anywhere and everywhere. Buying, selling, trading, playing, creating, assembling. It’s a sandbox for everyone to explore.

Question3. What are the outstanding features of the CINDRUM project compared to other projects?

Answer: Well, of course! We would like to be proud of that what we are trying to do is to link real life, real assets to virtual world.

Most Metaverse platforms nowadays, they are focusing on intangible assets. CINDRUM however, we aim to get users, not only doing transactions with NFTS, but also with real assets (items) that able to be physically delivered to your house or you can also take pick-up service from their physical store. Exciting isn’t it?

Question4. What are the economic benefits of the $CIND token?

Answer: As you know we also have our own token for CINDRUM ecosystem, we named it CIND. This CIND token, is designed to make all transaction within CINDRUM easier & unified.

Our users are from many different countries, from all the corners around the globe even thou we are from Indonesia. This token may provide easier access to the global market as they are using the same way of tender. No more hassle!

Question5. What is the current and future development roadmap of the CINDRUM project?

Answer: We’re staying true to our roadmap that we published on our whitepaper. The most current update right now is that: on the 2nd quarter of 2022, we will release the CREATOR beta version and private release of CONSTRUCTOR. Then around 3rd quarter of 2022, there will be the official release of Constructor and the beta version of CINDRUM Bazaar (C2C).

As our milestone, we aim for a million downloads in the second quarter of 2023! Fingers crossed! We will release an official release of the alpha version of CREATOR, BAZAAR, CONSTRUCTOR and CINDRUM will be available on iOS and Android around then.

And finally in the 1st quarter of 2024, CINDRUM BAZAAR (B2C) will be officially released.

SESSION 2 AMA : Question From Twitter

Question1. How does Cindrum reward system work and how many winners can there be in a game or tournament? Are players rewarded for playing or for winning? Do you feel that your games can be genuinely entertaining and thus attract more players and not just play for the rewards?

Answer: Currently, there are various ways in CINDRUM reward systems. As we’re still in starting phase & development, we are using a top leaderboard & airdrops. As you know, our concept is a Play to Earn. So you as users/ player are rewarded by playing more. Yes we have some competitions or game you can earn by winning, but that’s not our main focus.

CINDRUM is a lifestyle game, it’s not a competition game. It might not be suitable for everyone, or attractive enough for everyone. But we’re confident with our feature in the long run.

Question2. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority “#Cindrum”? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Answer: Our milestone for CINDRUM is 1 million download worldwide! Of course we have more targets but right now that’s our next step. We are confident with our solid foundation, and we are always trying to build even stronger communities than we are already have. We are growing stronger by day.

As developer, we are very open for any feedback from users, players, communities to improve our projects. Without you, there will be no us.

Question3. I know its old school question but still curious to know, why did you keep the name “#cindrumofficual” and what is meaning of the name and what is the story behind the name? And how distribute the rewards to creators individually?

It’s very normal to be curious! CIN in CINDRUM stands for ‘consolidate in network’ meaning a virtual world and reality integrated.

Answer: As for rewards distribution for creators, we will announce the mechanism when the marketplace and bazaar feature is ready. However as it is still in development we can’t publish too much information about it. Stay tune on our SNS!

Question4. Without a doubt, the #Cindrum. token will have great potential in the market. Could you tell me a little more about this token? And I really would like to buy it, where can I do it? Can you give me the link?

Answer: So, CIND is an ERC-20 utility token serving that is used as a medium of transactions within CINDRUM as I explained earlier. You can earn CIND from playing CINDRUM or buy it on our exchange partner.

Here, some exchangers where you can get CIND:

Bittrex (,

Bibox (

, Bitforex (

BitMart (,

Hotbit (,


Digifinex (,

Cashirest (

And TOMORROW as announced TODAY on our SNS CIND will be listed on INDODAX, largest crypto-asset marketplace in INDONESIA.

You can also check CIND as a legit token on CoinMarketCap (

Question5. Marketing is a central element for every successful project, what is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term? What is your most trusted feature?

Answer: To give a sneak peek of our strategy is actually to keep our token and games exciting as we improve regularly!

We also have a community group to discuss anything related into CINDRUM. The members come from around the world who are interested in our project.

Naturally as we are currently still in developing phase so our features are still limited. But we will released NFTs Marketplace this year and it will be very exciting!


Q1. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Answer: CINDRUM is now available on Google Playstore :

Our official social media channel are:

Website :

Facebook :

Instagram :

Twitter :

LinkedIn :

Medium :

YouTube :

Telegram :

Tiktok :

and our NEWEST channel will be Discord:

Q2. NFTs is hot trending now and investors hot topics in crypto industry. What is your point of view in NFT? Do you have any plan to have NFTs in your platform? What kind of NFT are you focusing?

Answer: We would like to think NFTs is the future evolution of ART, and yes we plan to have NFTs in our marketplace platform! In matter of fact, it’s our main feature! For details on what & how, stay tune to our project.

Q3. Do you have user manual or short videos that would guide potential users of project to safely navigate your platform?

Answer: We will release short tutorial on how-to navigate & play for new users to CINDRUM soon! Stay tune on our SNS!

Q4. How important is the COMMUNITY. to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Answer: VERY important! We look forward for everyone who’s interested in CINDRUM to join our communities, so we can always hear whatever you think of us or our project in order to make a better CINDRUM. See our social media for links. In Indonesia, our base country, we share regularly to communities about Metaverse, Blockchain and more. We also have many collaboration with them.

As Blockchain communities, we try spread awareness through AMA. And hopefully many communities also interest to join us for more AMA opportunities, around the world.

Q5. What wallets can currently support your tokens? Are there plans to add up extra features in Cindrum in the nearest future? What plans do you have on your roadmap for 2022, in the short term and long term?

Answer: ERC-base wallet currently (Metamask & Trust Wallet) but of course we do have plan for more features in short term for 2022.

2022 Q2 : Creator beta release Private release of the Constructor to few beta testers

2022 Q3: Constructor official release Cindrum Bazaar beta release (C2C).

Cindrum expects a wide variety of audiences to enjoy metaverse experiences in the Cindrum Bazaar. In the near future we will update our new feature “gallery” so that creators can show off their work in our gallery.

Apologies for other questions that we are not able to answer in this sessions. You may forward your questions to our SNS or our official email: or wait for next AMA.

Also, don’t forget to play CINDRUM arcade and earn CIND‼️🎮

CINDRUM Bridging Your Fantasy & Reality


CINDRUM now available on Google Playstore

For more information please check our social media :











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