CINDRUM x Adiwarna Dispercy: “How Metaverse Present the Future”

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3 min readAug 12, 2022


This Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. CINDRUM has done its first collaboration with Christian University Petra in Surabaya. Last term students of the Cultural Science and Creative Industries Faculty held an annual event as their final year project. This event has kickstarted with an Online Webinar with CINDRUM CEO, Valent Budiono and an NFT Artist, Affan Harris, or Tsunami031 as the keynote speaker. Their offline exhibition continued after the initial webinar, on the 11–12 of August 2022. This Online Webinar is an appreciation and a form of support from CINDRUM to Adiwarna Dispercy. It was done through Zoom and ended with a series of giveaways for the students. This Webinar “How Metaverse Presents the Future” is the start of a series of collaborations between CINDRUM and Christian University Petra in Surabaya.

Valent Budiono, in this session, explores and takes the student back to the early history of Virtual Reality Technology, and how it evolves to the recent Metaverse, with Blockchain as its base. Introducing CINDRUM as a Blockchain-based Metaverse Platform in Indonesia. The enthusiasm of the participants hits the roof, with a record of 50+ visitors during its peak time. In the next presentation by Affan Harris, the NFT artist explores how NFT can be a game changer for the Indonesian Economy in the Digital 4.0 era.

The Webinar is then concluded with a Q & A Session with a giveaway of 10 USD for 2 Best Question Winners and 5 Copies of the “First Steps to Enter the Blockchain World” hard copy book for the 5 Most Active Webinar Participants. In addition to this activity, the Dispercy Adiwarna event also held several interesting workshops such as pottery and 3D design. This Webinar is free of charge, open to the public, and attended by students and Blockchain Enthusiasts.

My impression is following the webinar from cindrumofficial, very happy to be able to know the metaverse in detail from history to its current development, being able to know new people in the metaverse world and the knowledge given is easy to understand and very useful, thank you for the next webinar, Cindrum, hopefully, there will be another webinar”

- M. Fauzi, Freelance

“So at the beginning, I would like to thank Adiwarna and Cindrum as much as possible for making this very exciting and interesting webinar because what was discussed was useful, especially for people who want to dive into the world of NFT especially, as well as presenting experienced and professional speakers in the field of NFT. In the world of the metaverse and NFT, the delivery and explanation of the themes discussed are to the point, short and clear, and certainly not sleepy, to be honest, I’ve been to other webinars and most of them make me sleepy. totally bored. It’s really nice for the committee and also the Cindrum party who have prepared this seminar in totality, so this is a matter of pride for me.”

- Peter Hermanto, Humaniora dan Industri Kreatif, Desain Komunikasi Visual 2018

CINDRUM hopes with this collaboration, students may be inspired to explore the possibilities of Metaverse, Blockchain Technology, and Web3. Because CINDRUM believes the next generation holds the future of Indonesia. And it started with the students.


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