Cindrum, A Brand New Virtual World to Explore

What is good about being in a virtual world? We can construct a virtual ecosystem, engage in mesmerizing digital social experience, own the assets, and monetize. However, these are just a few of the goods.

Thus, Cindrum is here to present to you, all of those answers.

Cindrum is a virtual world in the Ethereum blockchain which offers an immersive multi-user metaverse platform. Our vision is to enable users to interact and collaborate with each other within this virtual world without central authority getting in our way.

Dissimilar to other virtual social experience platforms, Cindrum presents a breakthrough revolution for granting complete ownership of the created assets in the form of NFTs.

In today's metaverse industry, there have been existing limitations that users and creators have had to overcome, including centralized ownership and lack of creators’ intellectual property protection.

Creators usually experience indistinct ownership due to the activity of copying or merely modifying the original work. This relentless action results in an endless cycle of disadvantages for them.

Therefore, there is no certain way of telling who the original owner/creator is or, even worse, which one is the original work. Also, not to mention the problem of fraud and forgery of records that comes with reliance on fiat currencies and credit cards.

It is time to abolish these limitations by allowing users and creators to fully enjoy secure copyright ownership and monetize them into an income for their creativity.

The solutions are coming. By establishing a decentralized system for users and creators to build, play, share experiences, trade, and pair with digital infrastructure, we can claim verifiable yet immutable ownership of our works and earn Cindrum’s utility token, CIND, as a financial return for the days or even months we spend working on a masterpiece.

Each of the works that are created will be assigned to be a non-fungible token (NFT), so the wish of a creator for their original ownership will be easily granted.

NFTs will enable creators to retain copyrights and ownership rights of their works and securely sell and trade them.

As it is decentralized and blockchain-based, every transaction in Cindrum ecosystem will be recorded and verifiable, while preventing possible mishaps during the transaction.

Cindrum ecosystem offers more than just secure transaction, guaranteed ownership right, and the ability for creators to sell, and trade their creations, but also hands over the power to the creators to track and witness the value of their assets soar.

This unique opportunity will enhance the significance of a value to the creators’ metaverse experience while earning every potential and maximizing them into fullness.

For more information on our decentralized virtual world, Cindrum ecosystem, please read our whitepaper (insert whitepaper link) and join the journey of an immersive multi-user metaverse along with us!







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