All About CIND, Utility Token in Cindrum Metaverse

With CIND as the utility token, revenue generation and value accumulation become convenient.

Cindrum metaverse is accessible with CIND. Users can spend it to access LANDs, purchase equipment, customize avatar, and collect CIND along to acquire ASSETs or LANDs.

Also, by staking CIND, it is similar as acquiring interest on savings account. The larger staking amount we put, the larger the benefits are.

Users are prominent and in power!

Governed by DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, CIND allows holders to participate in governance decisions to the platform.

Users surely can exercise voting rights on key elements, include feature prioritization on the platform roadmap, LAND designers and Foundation grant attributions to content creators.

The foundation itself offers grants to incentivize high quality content production on the platform, thus, it is to support the overall ecosystem of Cindrum metaverse.

Not only about voting and prioritization, but users can also vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other constituents of their choice.

Exciting, isn’t it? By the foundation offering grants to incentivize high quality content produced on the platform, the overall valuation of the metaverse will grow through the valuation of all contents that are being funded.

It is a virtuous circle to enable funding ESTATEs and DISTRICTs.

Generate revenue for an enhanced Cindrum metaverse experience!

Four critical components are employed on Cindrum platform for CIND’s value accumulation:

Foundation Pool. As we implemented DAO or community driven model, the foundation pool will be progressively decentralized to bring benefits for the token ecosystem. This is designed to interpret the produced income from the metaverse to value CIND accumulation.

Staking Pool. For the staking token holders, they will earn extra income from their activities on the platform. Thus, staking pool is here to ensure yield and value to them.

Company Treasury. This addresses the amount of CIND owned by the company. The purpose of the treasury is to release the generated CIND to the market and to oversee CIND flow.

Company Reserve. The purpose of the company reserve is to manage CIND supply and keep a maintainable Cindrum ecosystem. The actual sum is 2% of the total supply and will be supplemented with the proceeds of company owned assets sales.

Token Metrics

Regarding to the metrics, lets go for the basic ones.

Total supply: 5,000,000,000
Token ticker: CIND
Token type: ERC-20
Halving plan: 1 year-period, 4 times. A total of 5-year mining period
Mining method: Proof of Software (PoSW)

Mining (80%): 4,000,000,000 CIND
Marketing & PR (8%): 400,000,000 CIND
Platform Maintenance & Development (4%): 200,000,000 CIND
Airdrop (4%): 200,000,000 CIND
Reserve (2%): 100,000,000 CIND
Team & Foundation (1%): 50,000,000 CIND
Partners & Affiliates (1%): 50,000,000 CIND

The Cindrum metaverse utility token (CIND) represents the fuel and also the access to the metaverse as a whole. From governance, a tool to make purchases, access LANDs, to do detailed customization for an avatar, participation reward and many more.

For a concise introduction of Cindrum Metaverse, kindly visit our introductory articles or you can go to our website and have a look on our whitepaper here and visit Cindrum’s social media:

Twitter: @CindrumOfficial
Instagram: @cindrumofficial
Facebook: Cindrum Official
Medium: @cindrumofficial
YouTube: Cindrum Official — YouTube



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